Presbyterian Church
Strasburg, Virginia
History as published 
in the Strasburg News 1917

The date of the organization of the Strasburg Presbyterian Church is unknown.  In 1793, or 1794, Rev. William Williamson, a Scotch man by birth, preached in Warren and Shenandoah Counties, and church records tell of him holding services at Powell's Fort, Woodstock, Stoverstown (Strasburg), Weavers Mill, and Front Royal.  For a number of years Strasburg was part of a circuit which included Front Royal, Woodstock and Powell's Fort.  Sometime after the Revolutionary War, the Union Church of Shenandoah County was organized, and according to an entry in the Sessional Records, Dr. William Henry Foote was stated supply of Woodstock and Strasburg from 1820 to 1827, assisted by John Lodor, who filled the office of itinerant pastor until 1830, and continued to supply Strasburg from Marlboro, until 1834.  On December 13, 1832, Lewis F. Wilson became pastor of Woodstock and Strasburg Churches, and continued his ministry in these churches until October 29, 1836.  In September, 1837, Silas Billings became pastor, or states supply, and continued until April 18, 1839, at which time he joined the New School Assembly, and seems to have influenced the Strasburg Church, for its next pastor was Jesse L. Frary, a member of the New School Assembly, who was installed in  the spring of 1847.  He was succeeded by James M. E. Graham, another New School minister, who continued as pastor until about 1850, when he, in turn, was succeeded by William Torrey, who was deposed from the ministry in 1855.  The following year, John Howard became pastor, but continued his ministry only one year, as his death occurred in 1857.  Under his pastorate, the field was changed to include Woodstock, Strasburg and Cedar Creek (Marlboro).  In November 1857, Robert Gray became pastor and continued until September 1859.   John M. Clymer became pastor November 25, 1860, and continued his ministry during the war.  His successors since the war have been, Joseph W. Walkup, D. D., 1868-70, Robert Fleming, D. D. 1876-77, Carson W. Hollis, 1878-82, William H. Woods, D. D., 1885-87, Isaac N. Campbell, 1882-84, A. G. Link, 1889-1910, J. F. Leeper, May, 1913, up to the present time.

The present building which was erected in 1826, was used as a hospital during the war and was badly damaged.  Services seen to have been resumed very shortly after the close of the war, and a school was conducted in the basement of the building

The present membership is 110.  The session is composed of Messrs. F. M. Zea, Joshua Veech, Elmer Carrier and Dr. G. G. Crawford.  The deacons are Messrs. Sam Zea, R. S. Wright, Robert Balthis, D. M. McInturff, ...... Ramey, Walter Stickley, ..... Ellis.

Copied from the Strasburg News by Calvin Sonner
........ indicated missing data.