Methodist Church
Strasburg, Virginia
History published in the
1917, Strasburg News

Strasburg Methodist Church first established in 1876 by a few scattered Methodists who came together after the war was over, united their efforts, and in the face of great difficulties and hardships, organized a church of their denomination in Strasburg.  Lacking a church building, the small body of worshipers for several years prior to this time, had net for services in the old grammar school building.  There was no resident pastor, and the services were extremely uncertain, as they were dependent upon an itinerant in those days known as a "saddle bag preacher" who rode over from Stephens City and Middletown.  The first of these itinerant pastors was Rev. M. C. Balthis.

An interesting fact is related in connection with these early services of the church.  Not being provided with a bell, the sexton announced the hour of services by blowing a large horn as a signal for the congregation to assemble.  This horn is now in the possession of Luther Hurn, one of the oldest and most prominent members of the church, and a moving spirit in its organization.

Services were next held in the Presbyterian Church for a short period after which it was decided to erect a church building on a lot owned by the congregation previous to the war, which is the present site of the Methodist Church.  The first step in the undertaking was made by John Crider, the old sexton, now dead for many years.  He quarried the first stone for the building, and it was due mainly to his determined efforts, seconded by a few other dauntless spirits, that the work of erecting a church building went steadily forward to completion.

After the erection of this building regular resident pastors were furnished by Conference, and the membership continued steadily to increase until, at the present time, it numbers 250.

In the year 1905 the old structure was torn down and a more spacious and modern one erected in its place.  There is a well organized, flourishing Sunday School with a membership of between 240 and 250 members.  The church is in a prosperous condition both financially and spiritually and takes an active part in all benevolent works, both at home and abroad.  The present pastor, Rev. R. C. Meeks, is now in the fourth year of his ministry here.

A complete record is not available but the following ministers served this congregation since the 80's and preceding Rev. R. C. Meeks; Rev. Mr. Wolf, J. A. Hopkins, W. W. Watts, Q. Wheat, H. L. Hout, L. R. Markwood, R. N. Wheeler, William Smith, A. Knox, and J. H. Haley.

Copied from the Strasburg News by Calvin Sonner